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    Rowing, an ancient form of travel turned into competitive sport, debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris, the second Summer Olympiad.

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Joseph Miller, Joseph Harwood Miller, Miss Miller, Percy Victor Miller, R Miller, Reginald (Reg) Miller, Sarah (Mrs) Miller, T Miller, T Miller, Thomas Miller, Thomas B Miller, Thomas J (Junior) Miller, W Miller, W Miller, W H Miller, W H Miller, Wallace R Miller, Wallace R (Mrs) Miller, William Miller, William A Miller, William H Miller, William John Miller’s Photo Studio Miller’s Portraits Millette, Wilfred Millichap, George T Millichap, Mary Francis (Mrs) Milligan, James Milligan, James Wilson Milligan, W Milliken, Robert Millikin & Lawley Millinger, George Milling-Johnson Ltd Millington, Leslie H Million Photo Co Mills & Co Mills & Palmer Mills & Son Mills (Millis?Moseley attended Sheepscombe Primary School from September 1991 to July 1998, and then continued his education at Wycliffe College with final year at Downfield Sixth Form, Stroud (which is part of Marling School and its next door neighbour Stroud High School).He had to repeat upper sixth because he had taken so much time off school while filming The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.He is the son of Juliette (née Fleming) and Peter Moseley, a cinematographer.Moseley is the eldest of three children: Daisy (born 1989) and Benjamin Moseley (born 1992).

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